My Work Day

Many of you know that I work a full-time job in addition to trying to get the distillery up and running.  During my day I’m allowed two 10 minute breaks and a 1/2 hour lunch.  As soon as those bells ring I push my work off to the side and grab my distillery stuff.  I always have my thumb-drive plug into my computer–which I love this portable technology. 

Friday, on my first morning break, at 8:30 AM, I google for an “old man” picture to send to our graphic guy.  I needed the moonshine label to show the bank.  I want our moonshine label to say “Grandpa’s Likker”.  The mission was succesfull…10 minutes. Except I never got it sent.  But the picture is saved on my thumb-drive.

My lunch break I started to print documents to put a packet together for our meeting with another graphic designer and marketing guy. I created a couple of pages to show what the tasting and plant will look like.   I also emailed a bottle contact to get some sample bottles to show the bank.  It’s amazing how fast a 1/2 hour goes by.

Second break… start 3-hole punching my documents to put in a binder.  Finished the tasting room page!

Quitting time… I need to finish my business plan folder for the graphic guy meeting.  Dang!!! The index tabs labels aren’t printing right.  Never fails when you’re in a hurry a challenge arrives.  I had 10 minutes to get it right before I had to leave to pick up Dave at home so we could head back to Skookum Brewery to meet the new graphics guy.  On my way home I passed Dave that was parked at a neighbor’s house.  I had to do a ‘U’y and remind him I was picking him up at home–now! 

Awe….. 4:30 PM made it to Skookum on time and ready for a relaxing beer…… ok now back to business meeting with the graphic guy. 

8 PM— Home and done for the day.




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